Hi! I'm Jeni Rulon.


Certified Professional Coach. Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. Growth and Development Expert. Amplifier. Facilitator.

Heart Centered & Head Certain

My vision is a world where people are accessing their inner knowing, living from their authentic core, operating in the flow, feeling confident, creating powerful connections, realizing their dreams, and being joy. I work with groups and teams, passionate professionals, and empowered individuals who want more! I feel incredibly grateful to partner with people who are exploring how to create what they truly desire, discovering how they can best serve themselves and others, and ultimately live intheZing.

Before founding intheZing, my professional journey included working in both the private and public sector in a variety of roles: growth and development facilitator, director for a national non-profit, program manager, youth services professional, therapist, teenager on the dance floor and a sister waiting for her turn to jump on the trampoline! I have found that my greatest accomplishment, far above my track record of significantly increasing growth, sales, and/or participation, was my ability to create teams that were empowered to succeed and individuals that were willing to embrace their “best self”. My success has been leading teams that I have been on to ensure each individual was growing, collaborating, connecting, engaged, motivated and having fun.

As the 11th child, I was born into a team of 13! Yikes, I know! Growing up, I was an observer. I learned, very first hand, how to operate successfully (and unsuccessfully) on a team. I witnessed and learned, in a very experiential way, what works and what doesn’t. And what I realized from a young age is that communication, confidence, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and values play an integral role in the success of any team. It's no wonder that I have spent most of my adult life leading teams. And now, with intheZing, I focus on collaborating with others so they are able to create powerful connections…with their selves, their team, and the world around them. I get to work/play with groups of individuals and teams- facilitating inspiring workshops on effective communication, powerful leadership, increasing emotional intelligence, consciousness, self awareness, engaged culture that are fun!

In addition to facilitating workshops and retreats, I collaborate with clients 1-1 and help them move from fear to living in joy and peace. By “shaking up” one’s energy at the core level, sustainable change occurs. AND this is what it is all about. My clients end our journey together feeling more able to: successfully connect with others, identify what is important to them, act with confidence, complete projects and to do lists, act in alignment with WHO they truly are, have FUN, and live with awareness.

I’m a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. My work with others have been described as impactful, inspiring, engaging, motivating, game changing, fun, and out of the box! I am honored to work with amazing groups, teams, and individuals ready to move towards the authentic and powerful WHO residing within, their “best self”.

People that said YES to living intheZING:

I’ve always been slightly skeptical of coaching, thinking that I probably already knew whatever someone else was going to tell me, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! Working with Jeni as a coach has created so much potential in the way that I think about my relationships with others and with myself. She has helped me identify my core values, my triggers, thinking patterns that have been keeping me stuck for years, areas of growth, and has given me tools to build confidence in making decisions for myself and my profession. She additionally gave me constructive and practical tools to make positive changes in both my professional and personal life. I would recommend Jeni’s coaching services to all of my friends, coworkers, and family members who are feeling stuck, unmotivated, overwhelmed, stressed and overly busy most days.                                                                                                                                                                                        –M Markle

"I'm a very organized person, but was struggling to be able to get my to-do list done - it was a feeling of both approach-avoidance and a spinning of my wheels. Jeni helped me identify my core values, which resulted in an understanding that while my values were deeply heart-centered, I was existing primarily from a head-centered space. Recognizing this allowed me to shift my perspective and make different choices on how I use my energy and prioritize my time. I'm so grateful for this realization as it shifted how I approach and accomplish my to-do list!"                                                                  -K. Blake

"Jeni really challenged me to show up as my authentic self. I realized I'm avoiding my team's emotions at work and this is not serving my team at all. I am not connecting with them and they do not trust me. This realization will allow me to create a different culture at work. I really enjoyed Jeni's energy. She put a lot of herself in her training. Excellent!"              -B. Seifert

"Jeni is extremely talented. Her presentation style is captivating. I am a supervisor and I will use everything I learned in today's training to help elevate my team."                                                                                                                     -K. Kearn

"Everything about Jeni's training was beneficial. It was refreshing to have an energetic trainer that was so passionate about making a difference. It is time for me to regain self awareness and align my present situation with my values!"     -M. Blaires

"Jeni does life with great humor, optimism, and grace. She is that rare combination of consummate professional and truly delightful person."                                                                                                                                                            -T. Datan