More often than not, our deepest regrets are not about the things we did, they are about the things we didn’t do. In the end, this is what we mourn.

intheZing is about supporting and motivating you with creating the movement you desire. You know, there's that "THING" or “CONNECTION” that you've wanted for a loooong time and have put it off...because you don't feel like you know enough, or you don't have the money, or you're lacking the energy, or insert here: _____________!  

And you're left feeling disconnected, afraid, disengaged, and powerless. And time, just keeps slipping away. You realize you aren't getting any younger and the yearning is still there, tugging at your heart. Sound familiar? If so, you're in the right spot! Because on the other side of that story is a story filled with more JOY, more awareness, more love, more money, more engagement, more connection, more spirit, and more passion!

This approach involves going inside to reveal and release the very things that are holding you back and creating discomfort in your life: the misconceptions, thoughts, and beliefs that prevent you from aligning with and expressing yourself in authentic ways. Clearing your old habits and resisting behaviors that don’t serve you is only possible when you dispel blocks and transform your energy. This is deep work and has the ability to transform all areas of your life.

Let’s DOOOO This…

Core Transformation

The time is NOW. With “Core Transformation”, you can stop spending energy on regretting what you haven’t done and actually start on the path towards creating what you want. Here, you will be introduced to a concept that will fundamentally change the way you view yourself, those around you, and the circumstances of your life. This is packed full of tools that will allow you to take on whatever it is that you’ve been longing to do and haven’t had the courage or energy to do it. END RESULT: more peace of mind, joy, sense of purpose, success, passion, relief, aliveness, connection and JOY!

This is offered as a 1-1 coaching package, an online group package, or a 3 day retreat with follow up coaching.

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